Monday, December 29, 2008


Sorry it's taken so long to update, but I'm really not liking the format for blogspot so we are looking at options for a different way to host this!

Ok that is out of the way. SNOW!

It's been up and down temperature wise while we've been here. It's -2 (28f) here right now. Pretty warm huh :) We bought Henrik his first snow suit! There wasn't a lot to pick from since it's been cold here for a while :) We did find a very cute red one. We also found him a monster-y hat.

Look ma! no hands or feet! Yeah it's a little big but even in the week since we got it his hands and feet are poking out more now!

Olof said we had to put him on the car, but he doesn't remember why :)

That is about 1.5 feet of snow he is sitting on!

Down he goes!

This is why Olof says snowsuits rock! Easy to carry kiddo :)

He seemed to like being pulled in the sled!

First sled ride down a hill. He didn't seem to care at all. Hope next time he'll enjoy it :)

Grandpa, Pappa and Henrik

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