Monday, June 15, 2009

4 teethers and a cutie pie

Henrik and I met up with some friends today at the park. Most of them were teething and needed to burn off some energy. Henrik crawled all over the place and took a great nap when he got home.
I have found myself becoming more attached to my camera. It's a hard balance though. I want to play with Henrik, talk to the other moms and take lots of candid shots of the kiddos. It is way easier said than done.
I don't know where the picture taking is leading me, but it sure is fun.

They loved the bench swing.

I think Hadley looks very cute in Henrik's hat!

Adaora is adorable!

Already sweet talking the ladies!

I have to admit I love this one. It's total chaos but very cute chaos.

Ruby is just so happy, look at the big gummy smile.

Audrey looks like she has a secret.

Peek-a-Boo Henrik sees you!

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