Monday, June 8, 2009

Back yard fun!

Efter middagen idag gick vi ut på baksidan, Henrik tog ett litet dopp och vi lekte lite i gräset (som behöver klippas). Det blev en hel bunt med bra bilder, klicka på bilden nedan för att se resten av dom!

After dinner tonight we went out back for Henrik to get a little swim, and for some fun in the grass (yes, it needs mowing). We got a bunch of nice pictures, click the one below to see the rest!

Nellie loves Henrik, but this is a bit much. We stop it when we see it (unless Brandy is trying to photograph it, I guess....)


  1. WOW...that dog really likes Henrik!! Such a good candid picture :)

  2. wow! now thats a kiss!! :) too cute!

  3. Your dog and Marley would get along great! He loves to do that too. ;)