Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beach time!

Last night we decided to take a walk after dinner. We went down to the beach (10 minutes), and while we were only planning on taking a look, Henrik got so excited that we took off his outfit and let him take a dip in just his diaper (we had a spare with us).

He LOOOOOVED it. So much that we went back again today (we're a day behind on blogging, go figure). More about that later, but here are a few pictures from last night. More on the SmugMug gallery.

Scouting the beach

Aaarrgh, I be a pirate today, matey!

Trying out the water

Ok, we're going all in!

A little deeper, and just as happy

After the dip, I was having a serious discussion with my farfar while I was warming up.