Friday, September 25, 2009

California trip, mischief and a new friend!

So as some of you might know, we went out to California last week with Olof.
We learned a few things:
1) Henrik now needs his own seat.
2) Olof gets to travel out on his own, we can come the next day.
3) Nothing is out of reach of a toddler.
4) Sometimes good travelers have crappy days too.

We are trying JetBlue these days and so far they are pretty awesome. Great customer service, nice stewards/esses, free snacks (you can have more than one packet too) and DirecTV!

On the flight out we realized Henrik was too wiggly to sit on our laps. Seriously -- he was all over the place. The flight wasn't full, so Olof moved a few seats away and Henrik could sit on his own and it was much better.

The flight home was almost good! He had his own seat. Olof was behind us. Henrik sat on his own during take off and sure seemed to have a great time. He did get sleepy so we tried to rock him to sleep, the steward even turned down the lights in the galley for us.
He was so close to being asleep, but then the plane turned and the light from the sun flooded in and he was up for the rest of the ride.

At SFO you have to ride a tram to from the airport to the rental car building. Henrik loved it. There was a big window ledge/seat we all sat on and he stood up against the window.
He found a cute young lady (20's) to blow kisses at. Yes, he blew her kisses w/out prompting. I guess he thought she sure was cute.

As parents, we find that sometimes we need to leave our little ones alone to use the restroom. When this happens we sometimes give them something to occupy themselves. I found myself in this situation while on our last trip.
As a good mommy, I gave Henrik a hand full of bunny crackers and went to the restroom. Shortly thereafter, I heard a splish-splashing noise. It was weird, but I didn't think much of. I heard crunching, this concerned me a little. There was giggling and I knew I better get out there.

He had dumped the entire box, and I found him running over across the pile of bunnies as if they were hot coals. He then sat in the middle and started scooping them up and sprinkling them over his head. Laughing a big belly laugh of pure pleasure.

I had to call housekeeping (since I could not get all the bunny crumbs up). It was after housekeeping hours, so I was worried they'd be upset with us. When I opened the door, you could tell she fell for little mister immediately and all was forgiven. She even squeezed his cheeks!

My friend from back home had a sweet little baby boy not too long ago. We got to see him while we visited. He's super cute and Henrik adored holding him and 'petting' him.

All in all, we had a blast! We went swimming, to the super cool mall playground and spent lots of time with Mitra and Adrian. Next time we have to catch up with some other friends. Can't wait to head back!


  1. Oh, Henrik, sounds like you're turning into a true toddler!! Before you know it, you'll be pitching fits in the grocery store. ;) Yeah right!

  2. traveling with toddlers, never a dull moment!

  3. I am afraid that Kenzie is going to be too squirmy on our flight for Christmas...I'm looking forward to her getting her own seat but not paying for it!