Sunday, September 27, 2009

18 month checkup! (4 posts in a row)

weight: 26#8oz 50-75%
height: 33" 50-75%
head: 49.8cm 90-95% (monster head)

He is doing great!
He can walk and pretty much run. He loves to dance.
He babbles a ton, but not that many words yet.
He uses a spoon and a fork pretty well (but of course fingers are just as much fun).
He is really good at holding my hand when we walk, if he refuses, I just ask him and 95% of the time he reaches up. I think it is a matter of 'him' doing it versus me just taking his hand.

He's had a few temper tantrums. So far they aren't too bad. He'll make a lot of noise or cry and loudly sigh. Most of the time it is just a matter of him saying he is upset and it's over. Usually he comes over for a hug after.

He loves to colour with chalk and crayons on the easel we got from some friends. He equally enjoys eating the chalk though, so I got some giant chalk eggs. I think they are too big for him to bite ;)

He climbs up the wrong way on the slide, but is figuring out the right way too.

He's a lot of fun to be around and I love him to bits!
If you want a giggle, tickle his thighs! Gets him every time.


  1. are growing so fast and getting to be such a big boy!!! I love hearing all the things you can do :)

  2. You are getting so big. Tonight we were looking at the book that we made from Mya's bday party and we couldn't believe how different Henrik looks grown up, like a little man! We had a great time at your house today!! :)

  3. förlåt att vi inte har talat om att då ett barn är ett år blir det som vuxen dubbelt så långt
    kram till alla farfar & farmor