Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pecan Street Festival

Today we went to the Pecan Street Festival. They had a petting zoo where you could go in and feed animals. There were baby sheep, buffalo, goats and even a joey. A few older animals as well, including a llama.

Henrik had a blast, and really didn't want to leave. But it was a warm day and we needed to get him cooled down at the end. :)

Animals are in there!

What are the pokey things on the goat's head?

This one is my size!

Here ya go buddy.

Mmmm! Can I have some too?

There are no animals here!

Why do we have to leave???


  1. how fun! i'm sad we missed that. annie loves petting zoos.

  2. Looks like Henrik had a blast...can't wait to take Kenzie to one, we are going in a few weeks. It is so sad but cute when they cry about leaving.