Friday, October 2, 2009

Old friends!

It had been a while since we saw our buddies, so since we got a new slide and a train table, we thought we'd invite them over. We had a great time seeing everyone, but we did miss Annie! Mya was asking for her the whole time!

Everyone played on the slide and seemed to have a great time.

I brought up the ginormous container or animal crackers and that was a big hit!

I thought it would be cute to take a picture of everyone in Henrik's crib. Apparently not everyone thought that was a good idea. I won't put up the sad face pictures even though they are super cute/sad.

After the cookie pandemonium!

Alex wearing Henrik's shades.

Overseeing the the AT&T guys in our yard.

Five little monkeys jumping in the bed!


  1. Förlåt men många av de påstående om större skalle
    kan nog stämma men det betyder inte så mycket i en på längre sikt alla har på något sätt samma förut sättningar
    vi älskar alla
    farmor & farfar

  2. so cute! i'm bummed we couldn't make it. so rare to get a group shot now with all of them in one place!

  3. Oh so cute!!! Thanks for taking that. Can you send me a copy, please? Hope you guys are having a great time at ACL and aren't getting rained out.

  4. Thanks for having us over! Kenzie loved your new slide and the animal crackers! Great pictures!