Sunday, October 4, 2009

ACL day 3 (but really day 2)

We skipped Saturday, Olof wasn't feeling 100% and we figured if he stayed in, then we'd have more fun on Sunday. Totally right. Though I'm bummed I didn't go down on my own and meet up with some gals I know.

We are already excited for next year. Henrik is so much fun! I can only imagine what a dancing machine he'll be next year.

Yesterday (Saturday) there was some major rain at Zilker Park. It turned into a giant mud pit. So we packed up change of clothes for Henrik, shirts for us and picked up a pair of el cheapo flip flops with back straps for the kiddo. What we should have worried about, was clean dry shoes for Mama and Papa!

We went to kiddie limits and had a blast. Henrik got his hair painted green. The girls at the booth thought it was so cute he already had it styled. We got a cool picture taken of him on 'stage' and then went over to colour a frame, then we went to colour a flower pot and that had seeds and earth to take home.

We headed off to the B52's for a bit, had some lunch with friends. Headed back to kiddie limits so that Henrik could play with his new found love, the HEB Buddy grocery bag. Yes, he loves the big bag costume. We played in the sand and wondered around some more.

There was a raffle for some musical instruments so we hung around until the drawing for that, he didn't win, but we did get a tambourine.

We thought we should let him walk in the mud and he sure did enjoy it.

Look out 2010 -- Henrik is ready, are you?!?!

Right after getting his hair styled. The people in the background is just a poster, but it sure looks cool :-)

We got a printed photo from the same as above, and he got to make a frame for it!

He loved the costume guy, and went over to him every time he saw him.

Crashing the party at the hip-hop tent :-)

Playing in (and eating a little) sand! Shaded sand pits for kids to play in, another of the nice things they do for families at ACL Festival.

On our way home we let him "try out" the mud. He loved it, and washed off fairly easily. :)

We took 10 minutes break in the grass (not mud) across the entrance, and just hung out for a bit in the sun.

One of his favourite activities is pushing his own stroller around :)

This is what the tub looked like once Henrik was clean.


  1. What a great time!!! I love the green looks like he is headed on stage for a big performance!

  2. what a rock star! i had no idea ACL was so family friendly.