Tuesday, October 27, 2009

going backwards part 1

So, I've gotten lazy with the blog again. So we shall start with the most recent and then play catch up.

On Sunday we followed the suggestion of a friend of ours and headed down to Goblins in the Garden at the Wildflower Center. We met up with some other friends there and had a great time.

We had never gone there before and were surprised how pretty it was. It's definitely on the list for a re-visit sometime.

Henrik got to dress up in his penguin costume again, and he sure is a good sport about it. The event was more geared to the slightly older kiddos, but we painted some gourds, went a scavenger/learning hunt, took pictures and climbed the spooky tower!

Henrik had his first taste of jello in the form of brains with worms and had some spooky juice!

Duck, meet Penguin.

King of the Penguins!

Want some?

More cowbell!

Just chillin'


  1. So cute...I can't believe he keeps that costume on!!

  2. i LOVE the last photo! too cute! his little legs (oh sorry flippers? wait are they actually called flippers?? )!