Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mommy and daddy have a new toy

Both Brandy and I have our birthdays in the fall. This year we decided to pool our gifts and go out and buy something nice together.

That nice thing is a new camera and lens. I ordered it this week and it was waiting for me when I got home yesterday (Friday). I didn't touch it until Saturday morning so Brandy could take part. Who was I kidding, I hogged it all for myself. Sorry sweetie but you'll have it all week when I am out of town.

I love it. While we both really like our D80 (especially once we got the 17-55mm lens for it), this one is definitely a huge improvement. The ergonomics of the D80 were good, but these are great, and overall it's a nice upgrade. The really impressive improvement with it is the light sensitivity. It has a bigger sensor (FX) than the D80 (DX), but only a slightly higher resolution. This means each sensor element is larger, and can catch more light with less noise.

The result is being able to take photos in natural light where we would normally need to use the flash or get very grainy or blurry pictures. Like this one from this morning:

On a side note, I also hope that I can push Brandy to get going with a bit of children's photography. She takes great pictures, but I am traveling a bit too much for her to be able to do it often out on her own without Henrik. One of her talented friends has been growing quite a successful business in the last year, and she's tempted to get started in a small scale on her own. More for the fun of it than for the money (which isn't great in photography anyway once all expenses have been accounted for).


  1. Go Brandy, Go Brandy!!!!! You can do it girl! I have faith in you!!!!!! :) Yay for awesome cameras and lenses. Aren't they fabulous?! And get to practicing because our photos are coming up soon and we can't wait! Brandy, you are a great photographer. :)

  2. So fun...I wish I had picture taking talent!