Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sweet Berry Farms

Brandy has been talking about going to pumpkin patches for as long as I can remember. I never saw the point of it, but now that we have a kid I figured it's time to give it a go. Seeing pictures from Henrik's friends made it look like a lot of fun too.

And while I'm happy we waited until now (since there would be almost nothing to do there without a kid in tow :-), we had a lot of fun. I have to say that when I look at photos, we didn't do much with pumpkins though. Most of the spots where they were was crawling with people, and noone had enough sense to stay out of the line of sight when we tried to take a few shots. Bottom line: It was just waaay too crowded to deal with it.

We met up with Kim and Rhett (Rhett and Henrik were born just a few days apart), and we were there at opening time.

See the line of cars in the distance? They're lining up to get a parking spot. It was crazy.

But we had fun in spite of it being crowded, and got some good photos without pumpkins in them. Henrik got to ride a horse, and he loved the goat petting zoo they had.

Pumpkin painting was fun, and while the paint did wash off in the tub before bed, we had a hard time getting him clean while we were there. Lesson learned for next year. :)

So, all in all it was fun, but next year we will make sure to go earlier in the season before it gets too crowded, or maybe even go on a weekday instead.

Here is a link to the rest of our SmugMug album from that day.


  1. wow! it looks like it was really crowded last weekend! love henrik's little hat.

  2. Okay, wow, I don't think we will be going there like I was hoping. Crowds are NO fun! :)

  3. Oj vilken läcker keps Henrik har, hur tuff som helst!
    Jag längtar efter dig Henrik.
    Kram Farmor

  4. Maybe we'll go after Halloween and everyone will have already done it. I love him riding the horse.

  5. Love the pic of Henrik on the horse. Too cute!!