Saturday, April 11, 2009

The first egg hunt and link to the slide show.

Thursday we went to our first egg hunt! It was at Emma's house and we had a blast! I'm a bit behind the rest of the gang in putting up pictures, but that's ok! Henrik Actually picked up the eggs on his own and then I tried to show him to put them in the basket, but he preferred to play with them. Henrik also discovered the joys of Peeps that day. I didn't get many great shots that day, but here are a few.

Henrik the Peep thief.

Alex with an egg.

Henrik with the treasure.

Emma looking cute.

Kenzie on the lamb. (cute too)

We also have the sideshow from our photo session with Life in motion photography. This link should work for the rest of the week! I know we are biased, but he is sooo cute! Many thanks Lynsday for making us look so good! We had such a blast!

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  1. the slide show pictures are AMAZING!! what a cutie!